Halo 2 Vista achievements revealed

Single- and multiplayer achievements included in new version

Halo 2 will boast over 40 Achievements for beginner and veteran fans to earn when the legendary shooter hits Windows Vista later this year.

The development team, Hired Gun, has revealed in a new blog post that you will earn achievements for simple actions,like attaching a sticky grenade to an Elite, as well as tougher tasks like going on a killing rampage with the sword.

You will also earn achievements for completing the single-player campaign levels on each difficultly setting.

"These achievements were designed with some fundamental goals in mind - keep the game fun, encourage beginners to join our "Halo 2" community, and provide a new challenge with a few tough or interesting achievements for our most dedicated fans," the dev team explains.

Hired Gun promises there'll be "achievements that beginners and skilled "Halo 2" players alike will immediately tackle with different results, but we were sure to include several that any veteran will only get to after some serious work."

Halo 2 will hit Windows Vista on May 18.