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Scary Movie 5! New Jericho footage released

Yikes, it's the Crusader! Watch it from behind the sofa

We're being given a teasing glimpse of Codemasters' horror-fest Clive Barker's Jericho in a new trailer running for just over a minute. Get your pants scared off by taking a peep via our video player on the right.

In development for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, Jericho's a squad-based FPS that relates the story of Jericho Team, a seven-man strike force established to protect the government from paranormal threat.

Clive Barker is steering Jericho all the way from conception. "I'd love people to think of Jericho the way I thought of - let's say Alien - when that movie was about to come out.

Teased with glimpses but never given the whole monstrous truth until the story was told on the screen. Jericho should be the same - unique and terrifying", the author said in a interview published on the site yesterday.