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Resistance online update misses UK launch

New multiplayer modes released in North America only

Sony has told CVG this morning that new download content for PS3 shooter Resistance: Fall of Man that's just released in America won't be available tomorrow for UK and European punters.

Although we will get the download content - which includes new multiplayer modes along with big fixes and improvements - on these shores, a spokesperson told us there's no confirmed date for its appearance. Sony fed us a similar line previously, but we were hoping we'd see the update available when PS3 launched in Old Blighty.

So, while we peer into the future and await the update's arrival, our North American cousins are currently enjoying new multiplayer modes Team Conversion and Assault in addition to the new Spectator mode - and tweaks and balancing, if you can enjoy that kind of thing. Perhaps appreciate is a better world.

"Team Conversion mode", Sony has informed us previously, "is the same gameplay mechanic as the existing Conversion mode except that gamers will play a team and both teams will start off as human and have one life on each side.

"The Assault mode is based around the concept of attrition where the objective is to wear down an opponent's defenses before destroying their base".

A second Resistance update is planned for May - which, hell, may release simultaneously here and in North America - that'll include two new maps and worldwide gameplay - i.e. everyone on the planet will be able to fight each other online.