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MS sends CVG the difference between 360 and PS3... in beer!

"What would you purchase for £146?" asks Microsoft

Don't let anyone else fool you; this is the reason we do what we do - free beer, and lots of it.

Wheeled into our office this afternoon by a special ops team of beer couriers was this £146 pile of Fosters on behalf of one Microsoft Corporation. Was it because of our gushing GDC coverage? No, apparently MS has a more specific reason for its generous gift.

"What would you purchase for £146...? (The price difference between an Xbox 360 and a PlayStaion 3)", asks the included Xbox 360-headed notice. "Well, for a start we thought you might like £146 worth of beer to kick start your weekend early."

Signed, "Jump in. Xbox 360. The Leader in the next generation of gaming and entertainment."

Sony - we need £146 worth of pork scratchings and kebabs. PRONTO!