Microsoft crashes Euro PS3 launch day

MS pranksters descend on London and Paris PS3 launch events

It turns out that sending us £146 worth of beer yesterday (it's still cold) wasn't the end of Microsoft's PS3 launch-thwarting plans, as the company lead a continent-wide assault on Sony's console launch by land, sea and... well we suppose the beer had to be air-freighted over at some point.

The first bit of mischief from the Xbox 360 house went down at the Midnight PS3 launch in Paris, where a big Xbox 360-branded boat sailed passed queuing punters with the message "Xbox 360 heart you". We don't know what it means either, but we're sure the cold French punters got the message.

An hour later (thanks to the wonders of time zones) more naughty pranksters descended on the official London launch event at Virgin Megastore Oxford Street. As you can imagine the chilly London weather isn't ideal for a street campout, but luckily some friendly chaps were on hand giving out free camping chairs.

Further investigation revealed the chairs were branded with the message "Shouldn't have kept you waiting" and the internet URL We'll let you check that site out yourself to discover who the mischievous do-gooders really were.

Thanks to Kotaku and Jeux-France for the attached images.