Sonic The Hedgehog

The painful erosion of Sonic's legacy continues...

Any potential Sonic The Hedgehog had of returning to form has been destroyed by the fact that his PS3 debut is a broken mess. Honestly, for a supposedly 'finished' game it can be an embarrassing joke at times and we can scarcely believe it made it past Sega's game testers - or anyone at Sega for that matter.

There are so many glitches that the game becomes defined by them, and the few good ideas it has get lost among fractured polygons and rotten collision detection. The sad thing is, if it weren't for its numerous technical discrepancies, it'd be a pretty good game.

The game revolves around an RPG-style hub, the seaside town of Soleanna. It's a weird, blocky, characterless place full of poorly-rendered humans who you have to chat with to proceed to the next level. These bits feel like a careless afterthought and they're an enormous pain because you have to go through them every single time you run out of lives in the regular levels. Tasks include rescuing a little girl trapped on a roof, finding the captain of the guards and defending a gate from Eggman's marauding robots. It's pretty yawnsome.

But get past the lame 'RPG' stuff and you can get involved with some classically Sonic-esque levels full of corkscrews and jump pads and all the stuff that made his 2D adventures great. Only... they aren't very good at all. Again, because of those glitches we mentioned earlier.

There are some bits that are undeniably exciting, including a death-defying ride through a post-apocalyptic city on the back of a tiny bit of metal, but for every shriek of joy there are a thousand grunts of annoyance and filthy swears.

Things get better when you find yourself controlling Silver the Hedgehog. He has Second Sight-style telekinetic powers, so you can pick things up and toss them about, which is actually quite entertaining. Other playable characters include Tails (who can fly, as ever), Amy (good at jumping) and Knuckles (good at punching). In fact, the whole cast of the Sonic universe is in there, with Blaze and Rouge both making regular appearances. But the three main characters (each of whom have different episodes) are Sonic, Silver and - you guessed it - Shadow. Bleurgh.

But when you sit back and look at it from afar, you realize that despite your blinkered love for the speedy blue hog and his pals, and the lovely graphics, it's actually just a poor game rammed with flaws. It is worth a rent, however, just to savour the few good bits, laugh at all the glitches... and to start crying when you remember what Sonic games used to be like in the '90s. Sob.

The verdict

Overall Could have been decent with tighter controls and fewer glitches. It's not, though.

PlayStation 3
Action, Platformer