Microsoft inadvertently confirms HDMI 360?

Reports take comment from XNA bloke as 100% proof that HDMI model is on the way. UPDATED

Has Microsoft inadvertently confirmed that an Xbox 360 featuring HDMI support is indeed coming?

Well, possibly.

In the latest talk surrounding the company's plans for a revised console, internet reports are pointing to a comment made by Microsoft rep and XNA Framework Developer Shawn Hargreaves in the MSDN XNA Game Studio Express forums.

A forum poster asked "Will the HDMI output on the revised 360 require any code changes", to which Hargreaves replied, "No changes required".

Certain parties are taking this as 100% confirmation that HDMI Xbox 360 is on the way; however we're still awaiting any official announcement from Microsoft.

Last week, reports claimed that the Xbox 360 supporting HDMI will be called 'Elite' and will be decked out in black and feature a 120Gb HDD.

UPDATE: A further report on the Elite 360, this time from Dean Takahashi at The Mercury News, says that the new version of the console will support IPTV. Takahashi also goes as far as to say "It's true that Microsoft is preparing to announce the Xbox 360 Elite, a version of the game console with black plastic and advanced features."