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Wipetout Pulse PSP revealed, PS3 version still coming

24 new tracks and shed-load of download content promised for new PSP version

Sony Computer Entertainment has officially revealed the sequel to last year's excellent Wipeout Pure. It's Wipeout Pulse and will be arriving on the shiny handheld later this year.

Pulse is spec'd with 24 new race tracks over seven familiar game modes, along with the addition of a new team the EG-X. There's also talk of a new Mag-Strip feature which causes your ship to be locked to the track's surface, allowing for all manor or mental loop mischief.

Series fans fearing a handheld takeover needn't get their knickers in a bunch either, as Sony has confirmed to CVG that the new handheld instalment in no way replaces the 'proper' PS3 Wipeout instalment, which has been previously discussed.


Excitingly, Pulse also promises download content including new music tracks, ships and circuits from launch - which is not to be sniffed at considering the plethora of excellent goodies supplied for Pure.

Look for Wipeout Pulse in Septmber.