Team Fortress 2

Steve Hogarty goes hands-on with Valve's classic shooter reborn

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So while just a few pages from here you might learn that each weapon in Unreal Tournament III contains more polygons than entire levels in Unreal Tournament 2004, I'm more than willing to argue that, back here with the Source Engine, Team Fortress 2 has more style and graphical charm than anything else we've seen this year. And after playing it, I'd argue it'll be more fun too.

Team Fortress 2's chopping-and-changing wonder-maps

As a way of combating the repetitive nature of maps and adding a little bit of spice to the game, Team Fortress 2 will feature dynamic maps. That is, there will be large maps containing non-linear control points. At the beginning of each round, the game will choose two of these control points and players will duke it out on the part of the map between those two points and nowhere else.

Depending on who wins, the game will pick another two opposing control points, and so on until one team captures the other's base. A little bit confusing? Well yes - Valve had to draw it on a whiteboard for me to understand. Just think of it as different paths through a map opening and closing between rounds. In one round, a certain passage will be blocked, and in another, it'll be open. We played the Hydro map and it worked quite well. So there.

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