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Sega confirms new NiGHTS game on Wii

Games mag splashes Sega's latest all over its cover

After weeks of rumours and no comments, a new NiGHTS game for Wii has been confirmed via a scan of European gaming publication Game Reactor.

The rumours originated from an Official Nintendo Magazine back page teaser for it's soon-to-be-released issue. But Game Reactor seems to have beaten it to the punch, or rather the internet scanners out there have.

NiGHTS on Wii will be developed by Sega, but apart form that little else is currently known. We recently revealed that original creator of the franchise and former Sega employee, Yuji Naka, won't be involved in its development though. Looks like Sega will handle this one internally.

With the mag scans already coming through, expect more - maybe an official announcement from Sega even - very soon. Look out for CVG's interview with Yuji Naka later today.