Video interview: Universe at War

Former C&C man and audio director Frank Klepacki talks about his work on the music score for Petroglyph's RTS

Frank Klepacki may not be a name you're that familiar with but he played a key role in the music for the Command & Conquer series. He's now working at Petroglyph under the title audio director, and is creating music for the developer's forthcoming RTS Universe at War: Earth Assault.

He talks about his work in a video interview available via our video player.

Universe at War is set in the near future and deals with alien invasion of Earth, Petroglyph promising huge depth and customisations in the RTS experience. Speaking about the storyline previously, the developer's Adam Isgreen has explained that mankind has encountered an aggressive alien species bent on invasion of Earth and that ""The invaders are not here to conquer - they're here to harvest."

"Massive walking machines consume plant, animal and mineral without distinction. Press gang-like hordes of invading ground troops herd humans into enormous mass drivers, launching them up to the invader's ships that orbit the planet, never to be seen again. Our game begins on the eve of the last day of human resistance... Or is it?"