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Mario and Sonic interview Pt. 1

Interview: CVG, Sega and Nintendo discuss

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There have been rumours about Sonic possibly appearing in Super Smash Bros. Brawl on Wii...?

Laurent Fischer: It is something that we've seen and heard a lot of from fans, but this is the game we're working on at the moment and nothing else is planned.

Discussing the possibility of Sonic and Mario appearing in the same game, Yuji Naka once told me that he was concerned about how different the two characters were. Is that one of your key concerns?

Hayes: Not at all. If is was a Sonic world and we Mario trying to run around collecting rings it wouldn't be right. So that is why the Olympics arena is perfect to bring them together. The two characters can compete quite sensibly in that environment.

The game is coming to both Wii and DS. How will the game innovatively make use of the controls systems on both machines?

Hayes: Again it's just a little to early so say categorically. We'll have something to show in the Summer. All I can say is that we'll be using the controls of both machines, particularly the Wii, to the max.

We all love Wii Sports and we've begun to see the great things that can be done with the Wii Remote so that's what we'll be focused on.

Check out the second half of the interview tomorrow, in which Laurent Fischer discusses Nintendo's key philosophies behind Wii and DS development, and Mike Hayes talks about the future of Sonic, and reveals how much of huge Mario fan he really is.

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