GTA IV: The debate continues

Excitement, disappointment and everything in between floods the CVG forum

Despite a stellar reception from the press, not everyone was completely satisfied with the bandwidth-burning GTA IV trailer that hit the internet with a bang last week.

Three main trends among complainers crammed our comments section over the weekend, including outcries over the "untreatable" Russian main character, complaints of "yet again" returning to Liberty City and erm, apparently some people don't think the visuals look up to par.

"Talk about an anti climax! I was waiting hours for this watching the clock count down. I was expecting to see something fun that would make me need a 360 or PS3 but meh... It's Liberty/New York in a contemporary setting - how boring", said CVG user GiarcYekrub. "The only positive I can see is the bilboards look funny but that lasts how long?"

Believe it or not, others were more harsh in their criticism: "Oh my god, what a letdown", Burnsyboy2004 posted on Friday. "It's set in Liberty City again which is crap, and you're some dirty Russian gangster. Looks like they have run out of ideas boys and girls. Same old game again then but with better graphics."

But obviously not everyone was as disappointed over the GTA IV debut. Buffers32 defended the trailer: "I don't know what some of you were looking at but personally I just saw some the best graphics in a video game ever. Soft shadows, real-time lighting, volumetric lighting, massive draw distance, incredible detail, beautiful water...what more do you want?"

Whitepony888 echoed Buffers' comments: "Although I've seen better graphics on the Xbox 360, I honestly never anticipated GTAIV to look quite so beautiful. I haven't wanted to play a game this much since the series first moved into full 3D."

"I'm just glad that you don't have to be an american this time!" Piped in fellow CVG forumite Kapt15. We're with you on that.

The debate's still raging on the CVG forums, so click on over to the comments section below and let us know what you think of GTA IV's first footage.