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When CVG went to Middle-earth

Report: Join our band of bold adventurers for... well, you'll see

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With the clarion call of "vengeance for Cheesbridge!" (surely the strangest battle cry to ever ring out in Middle-earth), Satine urged our assembled heroes to head north to Kheledul for a massive assault on the Dwarven city and it was a heart warming sight to see the heroes of Middle-earth streaming along the road to our friends' rescue.

Five minutes later, we were reassembling outside the stronghold and wave after wave of Middle-earth's finest swept through the city gates to lay the smacketh on the combined Dourhand and Orc warbands. The battle was short but deadly with the foul creatures smote most sorely and soon their corpses littered Kheledul's streets, with a vicious final stand being made down at the docks. Just as victory and rescue seemed inevitable, something stirred in the water and from the glassy depths, an ice drake emerged!

Elvthalion - Elven hero and sometime Dev Ed

Although not quite as deadly as a full and foul worm like Smaug, the drake was still dragon kin and many heroes were engulfed in its fiery breath as it came to feast on the living sacrifice of Cheesebridge and Botherer. But the combined might of hundreds of heroes was too much and eventually the drake succumbed under a rain of blows from Middle-earth's finest and fell to earth with a mighty crash.

With Satine chuckling "More dragons! More dragons!" on our private Kinship channel, five more dragon kin came winging in screaming vengeance for their fallen brother and a battle royale ensued with flames licking the streets of Kheledul and absolute carnage as our heroes lined up to batter the dragons.

After a prolonged and bitter battle, the drakes were eventually put to the sword and singed but unbowed, Cheesbridge and Botherer rescued. With Kheledul now a sacked and smoking ruin, a steady stream of adventurers began to wend their way back along the road to the temple south of Celondim - and even a final ambush of Trolls and Orcs was quickly brushed aside by their combined might.

With the heroes of Middle-earth finally re-assembled at the temple, a mass of fireworks began crackling and exploding over the Elvish haven as we prepared to make our final, fond farewell but with Satine urging a rousing chorus of three cheers for CVG from the assembled masses - we were all rapidly looking for a *blush* emotes.

Our adventure in Middle-earth was over, but it has to be said it was absolutely cracking fun, giving us a chance to live out our wildest MMORPG fantasies and with the thanks of beta users still ringing in our virtual ears and slightly moist eyes, it was time to log out and return to Real Life.

So that's the tale of what happened when CVG went to Middle-earth and there's just time to say a special hearty thanks to all of you who joined us there and took part in what was a truly epic adventure, as well as the thousands of you who've made your journey into Middle-earth through CVG's portal. Huge thanks too to Satine and the events team who took such good care of us on the day and Codemasters for arranging this special event.

Getting kitted up in a handy secret shop

If we can twist arms once the full game launches later this month, perhaps we'll see you in Middle-earth soon for another special event, but for the moment, heroes of Middle-earth we salute YOU!

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