Resident Evil 4 on Wii official

Stunning GameCube survival horror makes the shift to motion control

Rumours of Resident Evil 4 coming to Wii kicked off last week when an online retailer listed a Wii version of the game before promptly removing the page.

Now Famitsu magazine has revealed that Capcom is indeed beavering away on a Wii conversion, complete with updated controls.

You will, of course, use the Wii Remote to aim your gun and stab forwards with the knife. The Daily Mail is going to LOVE that.

Currently referred to as Bio Hazzard 4: Wii Edition, the game will also contain all the extras that were added to the PS2 version, including the Ada Wong 'Separate Ways' mini-game mode.

More Wii ports are not good news, but when we're talking about a game as good as Resident Evil 4, we can't complain.

Interestingly, in an interview in the same issue, Resi creator Shinji Mikami apologises for porting Resident Evil 4 to PS2 (after it was announced to be GameCube-exclusive) saying it "betrayed both GameCube and PlayStation users". Despite the graphical inferiority, we can't see why PS2 fans would have complained.