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Sega does darts on DS

Touch Darts on the way, sadly there's no sign of Jim Bowen or Bully though

Brush up on your dart-throwing skills and start working on that essential beer belly - Sega Present Touch Darts is on its way to DS this summer.

Do you hand your DS on the wall and throw plastic darts at the touch screen? Unfortunately not (we'll be world-renowned games developers one day, we know it). Touch Darts, developed by Full Fat, displays a 3D dart board in the touch screen where you swipe the stylus upwards to throw the darts "with all the precision of a seasoned pro".

You can compete in world tournaments and play multiplayer mini games against friends. If only the game's title screen was the Bullseye theme tune, this would be the best darts game ever, (wink wink, developers).

Check out the first screens below, and look out for the game on shelves in Summer.