No "official confirmation" of Zelda replacement service

Nintendo replaces glitched Zelda discs... unofficially?

Nintendo of America is replacing faulty versions of Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess on Wii, after a glitch that stops gamers from finishing the game was discovered, internet reports suggest.

Unfortunate gamers found themselves trapped in a room (the one with the giant cannon) after triggering an error in the game caused by saving at that point. In said room, you are required to warp to continue your adventure, but the game won't allow you to transform into Link's wolf form and activate the warp process. Gamers would be forced to start again from the beginning (or a previous save).

Gaming website, gamersquad, reports that NOA is offering fixed replacement discs to anyone concerned about the glitch. However, Nintendo UK has told CVG that it has "not had official confirmation" of a replacement service having been set up.

There is also no official acknowledgement of the glitch effecting UK (PAL) versions of the game, or a service being planned for this territory.

This is not the first glitch to have plagued Link's latest adventure, with a previously-discovered bug, which is also caused by saving at a particular point, forcing gamers to start from the beginning.

We suggest you swap between two save slots as you work your way through the game, as a fail-safe. That way you'll only have to go back to your previous save rather than the very beginning of the 40+ hour game. Having said that though three of us on CVG finished the game without any problems.