New Halo 3 vid reveals multiplayer details

See the maps you'll be playing next month in action

Those mates of ours at Bungie have released the latest Halo3 'ViDoc', which goes into detail on what you'll be playing in the multiplayer beta next month.

The three beta maps Valhalla, High Ground and Snowbound are shown off as well as the first look at actual in-game action. We can tell you now that although these are the same three maps we played last September, they're looking a lot better.

Finally confirmed in the video is the much-talked Shield Grenade (now dubbed the Bubble grenade) from the CGI television commercial, along with trip mines that you can use to take out vehicles.

The Bubble grenade looks like a great addition to the deathmatch formula. Just drop the grenade when someone's chasing you and you'll be shielded from enemy fire and grenades. It's unclear at the moment whether or not you'll be able to shoot out of the bubble. Visually the effect of the bubble looks amazing, it almost appears soft and bouncy, just like a, err, bubble would be, we guess.

The other new addition shown in the video is the trip mine. Drop this baby as you're about to be run over with a Warthog and BOOM!, the Warthog, its passengers and you are blown to pieces.

The multiplayer beta goes live on May 16. So what are you waiting for, young scamp? Get those copies of Crackdown ready.

Click on over to the video on the right and start taking notes. We're coming to get you!