PSM3 issue 87 - Out Thursday

Featuring a sword with an engine and the future of happiness...

Afternoon. Good Easter, all? Eaten so much chocolate you're sweating Galaxy and pooing Mini Eggs? Excellent. Anyway, the new issue of PSM3 is out on Thursday...

In PSM3 issue 87, you'll be getting a massive hands-on look at Devil May Cry 4 on PS3. It's perhaps the best DMC yet, and certainly the maddest, featuring, as it does, a petrol-powered sword. Whose sword? Why? Buy the mag for more.

Then there's LocoRoco 2, the sequel to PSP's happiest game. Big news, certainly, and we're very excited. Get the mag and you'll see why you should be too. One thing: the Locos don't look quite the way they used to. All will be revealed in the pages of PSM3.

And there's loads more on top of that. Loads of reviews, including Oblivion on PS3 and Ratchet & Clank on PSP, the view from the inside of the PS3 launch, Final Fantasy XII's best bits, Trevor McDonald on fire, another packed DVD, the inside report from the recent Game Developers Conference in San Francisco and a supplement entitled 'The 20 Games That Will Shape The Future Of PS3'. That's 20 games that will make you very, very glad indeed if you've bought a PlayStation 3.

And there's loads more besides, of course. You shouldn't be without it, so get down to the shops on Thursday. You know it makes sense.