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Harvest Moon dev reveals secret Wii game

'Project O' on Wii to be a story-based life sim set in Europe, Yasuhiro Wada tells CVG

Harvest Moon creator, Yasuhiro Wada, has revealed to CVG that Project O, a secret Wii game currently in development, will be a single-player life-sim set in Europe.

He went on to reveal other juicy nuggets of info on the title: "Project O is a brand new game being developed by 'seven samurai' of the gaming world," he reveals, referring to the seven members of the currently tiny development team working on the game whose previously worked on Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest games.

The new game, which seems to still be in conceptual stages, incorporates life-sim gameplay which Wada compared to Sim City or Sim World. "However, in Sim World the player takes on the role of God, but in Project O the gamer plays among the people and creates the world around them from ground-level, not as god," he explains.

The game will feature a plot based on one main character - whom he declined to talk about - and is set in a past era in Europe. Building relationships with a community of people will form a key part of the game - similar to Harvest Moon.

Wada explained that "the player will select one person" to perform a task, "and he will go off and talk to several other people, who will then start to change the world around the player." It sounds like Wada and his team of "samurai" developers are cooking up some interesting AI for the game.

No Wi-Fi or multiplayer features are planned, but the player will be able to download new content via the Wii's wireless online capabilities.

You can expect to see Project O to release some time next year under a different name.

Check back on CVG tomorrow for the full interview, in which Wada discusses the making of the Harvest Moon series, his main influences in game design and why the DS dominates the PSP.