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GTA IV multiplayer to be announced

US magazine preview lands in subscribers' hands, which means all its info hits the web

The May issue of Game Informer has revealed several new GTA IV details after playing the Xbox 360 version.

The magazine's ten-page preview is apparently now in the hands of subscribers, and the information has already exploded onto the web.

You can see naughty scans of the article here, but be quick though, we're sure the internet police will get them removed quickly.

Here is the information revealed so far:

  • Lead character's name is Niko Bellic, and he's believed to be Croatian or Serbian.
  • Multiplayer is be announced at some point in the future.
  • Players can use a mobile to call your contacts.
  • Sorry, but there are no planes as the game takes place in one city only.
  • You'll have more choice than in previous games, though you will still be taking orders from people.
  • The story is said to unfold in many different ways giving you more choice and control over the outcome.
  • The structure of the storyline is said to be "quite different" to previous games.

We'll let you know if anything else slips out.