Capcom quiet on Dead Rising 2

Capcom tells CVG it's just a rumour, even though the sequel appears to have been confirmed in the Japanese press

Capcom Europe has told CVG that Dead Rising 2 remains a rumour even though details on the sequel have been spotted in Japanese gaming mag, Famitsu.

Internet reports have stated that the follow-up to the company's Xbox 360 zombie splatterfest has been confirmed as being in development in the latest edition of Famitsu, leading to speculation that Dead Rising 2 will be unveiled at a Capcom press event happening in the US this week.

Going by Capcom Europe's comments to CVG, that won't be the case - but you never know.

Dead Rising found a freelance photographer battling zombie hordes in a small-town American shopping mall - rather reminiscent of classic zombie flick Dawn of the Dead.

Plenty of blood and gore was combined with black humour and the game was well-received, although it featured a save system that could cause you to tear your hair out in frustration.

You can learn more about Dead Rising on Xbox 360 by heading over to its game page.