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Suda 51 considers online play for No More Heroes

If it doesn't happen for No More Heroes, Suda's next game will feature online, he tells CVG

Suda 51 has told CVG that the inclusion of online play in Wii game No More Heroes is still up in the air, though he is very interested in it.

Koichi 'Suda 51' Suda is one of Japan's more interesting game developers and his upcoming Wii title No More Heroes, is shaping up well. CVG recently caught up with the developer in Japan for a quick interview that you'll see later this week.

When asked about the chances of online play appearing in No More Heroes, Suda replied, "This is still up in air. Personally, I am very interested in online play."

Should online play fail to make the final cut, there's every chance that Suda will go on to concentrate on an online game for his next project: "I want to undertake an online game once the No More Heroes project is completed," he said.

Look out for the full interview later this week.

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