LocoRoco PS3 - Rumour Update

Sequel NOT confirmed by Sony Japan. But the evidence adds up.

If you've been scanning the net today, you might have noticed that the new issue of PSM3 - or rather, our free supplement '20 Games That Shape the Future of PS3' - has been causing quite a stir. Why? The fact we've 'confirmed' LocoRoco on PS3. Sadly, the truth isn't so clear cut...

Sony are yet to officially confirm the PS3 sequel, and we'd just like to reiterate that the information in our supplement is based on (rational and informed) speculation. The image of the furry LocoRocos (click on the Screenshots tab to see them full size) - taken from a presentation by LocoRoco producer Tsutomo Kuono at the recent Games Developers Conference in San Fran - might be from a potential PS3 game, but, once again, Sony haven't confirmed anything. We're just using reasoned guesswork and piecemeal facts to form a clearer picture.

Will LocoRoco come out on PS3? We'll have to wait for official news, but, for now, feast your eyes on the rumours below and draw your own conclusions:

Release date Slip?

GDC Rumours

Phil Harrison hints at new LocoRoco?

LocoRoco trophies in Home

Some are more convincing than others, but a sequel is looking likely. Here's hoping Sony have some good news to announce soon.

Not played LocoRoco on PSP? It's the best game on Sony's handheld, so we'd advise you to seek it out. Now.

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