Hidden HD mode for God of War II revealed

PS2 sequel playable in 480p. Plus: God of War website teases about forthcoming new series announcement

PS2 sequel God of War II features a hidden HD mode, it's emerged.

Series fans have discovered two puzzles on God of War website that, once solved, lead to details on how to get God of War II running in 480p.

Our browser appears not to like the site as the initial puzzle won't play ball, but reportedly after you hit 'proceed' on the main site page you're taken to another page with Greek letters hidden in a picture. Spell out 'Kratos' by clicking on the letters and you're taken to the second puzzle - a slide puzzle.

Solve that, and you get the HD info. In order to activate the mode, you need to hold down L1, L2, L3 (L3 being a click down of the left analog stick), Square and Circle during game boot. If performed correctly, the "SCEA Presents" text that normally appears in white should look purple. You then need to select 480p output from the game's options menu (a tip o' the cap to Shacknews for those details).

On top of that, there's a page beyond the HD detail splurge which features a countdown timer slowly spelling a God of War game title. God of War for PSP? God of War for PS3? God of War III for PS2? We can but wait and see.