Ancient Wars: Sparta's Egyptian faction unleashed

Screenshots and details on the faction with the Horus Priest and Throwing Machine of war

Now that we've had a little peep at the Persian faction in forthcoming PC RTS Ancient Wars: Sparta, it's time to turn attention to the Egyptians. The Bangles once wrote a song about Egyptians, but they're probably not starring in this game.

Anyway, the Egyptian faction gets a number of unique units and structures to help turn the tide of battle in its favour. The Obelisk, for example, slows down enemy troops, while the Horus Priest can blind enemies or burn them with holy fire and war engine the Throwing Machine can shoot multiple arrows and is ideal against ground troops.


In addition, and like the Persians, the Egyptians have an elite battle unit - in this case the warriors of the Pharaohs Guard, men's men tough enough to handle the Persian Immortal.

Ancient Wars: Sparta is set in the ancient Mediterranean between 500 and 450 BC and finds Spartans, Egyptians and Persians fighting for control of the region.