EA takes Wii Potter controls Siriusly!

With a pun that good in the headline, who needs an intro?

New information on the Wii version of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix has come to light and it looks like EA is taking the Wii controls Siriusly (hah, there it is again).

The next chapter in EA's Harry Potter series of games might be one step behind the books, but the Wii version is a step ahead of other platform versions, thanks to the Wii Remote. It's was obvious but not a given whether EA would actually do right by the boy wizard but it has.

Buried in an IGN preview of the game comes word that the Wii-specific controls seem remarkably well put together. Once Harry's wand is drawn, you can then use the Remote to directly control the casting of spells, which can be cast quickly by the flick of the wrist.

By thrusting the Remote forward Potter will Force push an object away from him. Raising the Remote and Nunchuck upwards allows Potter to levitate an object. You can even move the Remote around while an object is in mid-air to reposition it.

Once this information falls into the hands of Potter fans around the world, we can see sales of Wii exploding once again. What young child could resist the chance to become Harry Potter? This could get messy. More soon.