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Rockstar sends CVG a large GTA IV pizza

Delivered in under 45 minutes, but they forgot the pizza...

Rockstar has sent out fresh promotional materials for its upcoming crime romp, GTA IV.

First we had the trailer and now we have a large GTA IV pizza box to keep us amused until Rockstar releases further info on the upcoming 360, PS3 game.

Inside the box though, wasn't a family-size pizza with all the trimmings (except anchovies, because that's just wrong) but several other GTA IV-related goodies. The pizza delivery boy (cleverly disguised as your everyday post man) also brought us two beers mats, two massive GTA window stickers and a GTA IV T-Shirt (large).


The lack of an actual large CVG-sized pizza made our stomachs growl though, and we're checking the pennies to see if we can afford to destroy Pizza Hut's all you can eat lunch buffet down the road.

For the record, it's not quite as good as the difference in price between a 360 and PS3 that Microsoft sent CVG IN BEER. We've still got a few cans left that would have washed the pizza down...

Expect slower updates this afternoon if we can get a table. We're going to eat the crusts as well.