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New Sonic adventure confirmed

Sega has confirmed that Sonic Rush Adventure is in development for DS

After we reported that Sega had recently patented the title 'Sonic Rush Adventure', the firm has coughed up the news that the game is in development for DS.

Sonic Rush Adventure will use both screens of the DS to "navigate the high seas in search of pirate treasure", says Sega description. The game is being developed by Sega Studios for an autumn release.

Gameplay from the well-received original will be retained and the blurb released so far tells how players will set off from Windmill Village as Sonic and play through seven "widely diverse" levels.


Sonic Rush Adventure will also make use of the DS Download Play feature and Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, allowing players to compete with friends in wireless racing and mission-based battles.

Sonic (that's you) will have a fleet of up to five ships, including a submarine, water bike and hovercraft and the game will use the touch screen technology in "exciting new ways".

You'll be ale to use the stylus to help control vessels as you gather rings, performing tricks, and torch pirate boats. At the end of each level, you'll be treated to 3D boss battles spanning both screens.