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Resident Evil 4 dated for Wii

Nintendo to publish Capcom's two Wii Resident Evils - 4 due June 29

Nintendo has swooped in to publish the Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles and the Wii version of Resident Evil 4, which it has dated for Europe on June 29th.

Umbrella Chronicles meanwhile is still pencilled in for a vague "2007" release, and features lots of previous game chopping and lightgun-style play we're not completely convinced about.

Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition builds on the brilliant GameCube and PS2 versions by letting you wave the Wii Remote around like a nutter, slashing baddies with your knife and going mental in new Wii-enabled QTE sequences.

The exclusive Ada Wong missions in the PlayStation 2 version will also be included, along with true 16:9 support which didn't feature in either of the other two editions.

Is this finally the ultimate version of Resi 4? We've got a sneaking suspicion we'll be re-purchasing Leon's village adventure come June.