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Crytek responds to latest Crysis console rumours

Job ad re-ignites speculation about the shooter heading to console - developer responds with "no comment"

Crytek has responded with "no comment" to a query regards the latest speculation on Crysis coming to console that's doing the rounds.

The latest gossip about the shooter heading to console started off the back of an advert for a PS3 programmer appearing on Crytek's website, the responsibilities of the role including "Cross platform code development".

"Nope, no comment on this", Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli told CVG when contacted about the speculation earlier today.

"We are hiring for CryEngine 2 Development primarily at this stage", he added.

It's hardly suprising that speculation about Crysis coming to console refuses to lay down and die, what with it being such a high profile game and one that's dropping jaws left, right and centre and all.