Codemasters' new customisable DS racer

Race Driver: Create & Race to sport touchscreen track editor and online Wi-Fi bouts

Codemasters has officially detailed it's new DS racer Race Driver: Create & Race, which lets you build your own racertracks using the touch screen. Probably penis-shaped ones.

The track editor lets you pick up and place track elements such as hairpin corners and chicanes using the stylus. In addition there's also 32 real-world tracks for you to tear around in 25 licensed motors, including the Koenig GT, the AMG Mercedes C Klasse DTM, and the Chevrolet Silverado Truck.

It doesn't ignore Nintendo Wi-Fi either, and you can take your created tracks online and challenge other players to an online bout.

According to Codemasters, Race Driver will be out sometime this summer. For more info check out the official website.