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Clive Barker's Jericho

Hands-on, plus new shots and trailer

Famed gore and horror writer Clive Barker has come up with plenty of twisted plots in his time and the storyline for Jericho is classic Barker stuff.

Codemasters showed off the Xbox 360 version of its stunning-looking horror game at its recent Code 07 event, where CVG got its hands all bloody killing some, er... nasty creatures.

The twisted premise casts the player in a gore-filled venture into Al Khali, a Middle Eastern town built over the ruins of several lost civilisations. So it is told, the evil forces of these civilisations break through a temporal rift into the overworld, which is never good.


But the government isn't taking it lightly, and sends in the Jericho team (that's you) to deal with the matter. The Jericho team has to hack its way through different time rifts, tackling hellish demons in the layered sections of the town before reaching the core of the evil at the town's centre.

The Jericho team is a special government strike-force that deals with paranormal threats - like Moulder and Skully, we suppose, but much harder. Each team member has their own lethal weapons and special psychic skills, from alchemy and exorcism to clairvoyance and telekinesis.

The most interesting thing is that you have the ability to swap control between any of your team members at any point in the game. During our hands-on we took control of three of the seven characters in the game, our favourite being a ninja girl named Sgt. 'Billie' Church.

In one hand she carries a razor sharp samurai sword that she uses to slash enemies upwards into the air - a deadly strike that can kill enemies in one swift blow. In her other hand she wields a small but powerful machine gun which gives her a great long-range alternative attack.

She's got some crazy magic skills too. At the tap of a button you see her take out a metal tool and cut an engraving into her hand, drawing blood. This strange ritual is how she casts powerful spells that devastate enemies with flames and other death-dealing matter.

We also used a fat bloke called Fank Delgado who has one of the coolest powers we've seen so far. He apparently did a deal with some flame spirit, offering his arm in sacrifice of its help.

When Delgado wants to deal out some pain, you see him hold his arm out and the protective shell covering his arm peels away to expose his flame-covered, demonic hand. Moments later the flame demon emerges, it's glow lighting up the dark caves around you - and following Delgado's commands it flies over to his foes and roasts the thing. Nothing survives.


If that's not powerful enough for you, Delgado's other arm clutches a mini gun that fires hundreds of bullets at a flesh-shredding speed. He's one tough dude.

Abigail Black was the other character we saw, a sniper with telekinetic powers so strong she can steer her bullets - which you get to do, of course. She can also push away incoming projectile attacks and uses her power to manipulate the environment, pushing away rocks that blocked our way in one section.

Other characters include a reality hacker that can manipulate time and space (slow-motion anyone?), a seer with the psychic ability to see elements other characters cannot, an ex-military exorcist that uses special forces weapons enhanced by luck charms and talismans, and a ghost that has the power to heal.

The game has you cleverly skipping between characters during game, with the CPU taking control of the characters you aren't. As well as swapping to tackle various environmental obstacles, the gruesome, blood-covered monsters you encounter have different weaknesses and it'll be up to you to figure out which slayer is best for the job.

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