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Jack Thompson takes it out on Counter-Strike

Infamous US lawyer blames tactical-shooter for Virginia killings

Jack Thompson has given a TV interview in the US where he points the finger of blame at the hugely popular online tactical shooter, Counter-Strike, and that the game helped train Cho Seung-Hui to kill 33 fellow students in Virginia.

Thompson begins the interview with MSNBC by quoting the Washington Post as reporting that Hui's associates and colleagues said he was "immersed incredibly" in the game Counter-Strike.

He then says Cho Seung-Hui was "able to go from room to room very calmly, efficiently, coolly killing people".

According to Thompson he was able to do this because he had trained on Counter-Strike. But rather than another TV station giving the US lawyer five minutes to throw his unproven theories and ideas into the world, MSNBC presenter picks him up on almost everything he says.

You can watch the full clip right here. Let us know what you think below.