Sims 2 pets confirmed for Wii

EA brings more Sims action to the Wii

Sims 2: Pets is making it's way to Wii, joining the Wii-exclusive MySims game later this year.

Originally a PC expansion pack for Sims 2, Pets lets you breed your own dogs and cats, with the typical create-a-sim customisation allowing you to create your perfect animal friend. With 22 dog and 15 cat breeds in there, you have plenty of options.

Once you've done God's work, you can then take your pet to the park to play fetch, and train them to learn new tricks.

This pet-breeding element is moulded into the usual Sims gameplay, giving you a family and a house to manage. The Wii Remote's pointer functionality is ideal for playing a game like Sims, and will allow you to create your house and instruct your Sims with PC mouse-like ease.

Sims 2: Pets is due to hit Wii in June.