ArenaNet: Let's have more than just WoW clones

Guild Wars dev hopes to see innovation in the MMORPG market and companies explore different game designs

ArenaNet is wanting to see more innovation in the MMORPG market and not just the release of "a bunch of World of Warcraft clones" in the genre in the future.

"One thing we do hope to see is that... people will be willing to go out and explore different business models and explore different designs", the developer's founder Jeff Strain told CVG in part two of a Guild Wars 2 interview set to hit the site tomorrow.

"We kind of hope that we won't continue to see a bunch of World of Warcraft clones or Ultima Online clones year after year", Strain explained.

In fact, he's hoping his own game will be a catalyst for innovation that ensures the MMORPG genre avoids a potential rut it could get stuck in.

"Hopefully, the success of Guild Wars, both in terms of its design and its business model, will inspire other companies to go take some chances and do some different things", Strain said.