Spider-Man 3

Webs, Nunchuks and clothes of evil

While this new Spidey movie game1 is constructed much like an enhanced update of the last Spidey movie game, the Wii controls set it apart from the PS2 and PSP versions, which are being produced by the same development studio.

The remote and nunchuk are used for independent control of the web shooters in Spider-Man's wrists. Hold Z on the nunchuk to activate the left one and B on the remote to activate the right (we haven't heard if there's an option to switch controls for lefties). Then flick your hands towards whatever you'd like Spidey to attach himself to, and - thwip! - he'll fire a web.

So you'll be thwipping with the nunchuk to turn around left-hand corners and using the remote to go to the right. Flicking both towards the screen will begin a swinging action that takes Spidey forwards above the streets. It sounds energetic.

City slicker
When fighting enemies, the web shooters are used to wrap the bad guys in a blob of web juice. Once you've got them firmly attached to a line, it's possible to drag and swing them all over the place via movements with the remote. A circling action will send them twirling around Spidey's head like a lasso. Whipping both hands upwards will launch them up, at which point you can slam them down into the ground. Nunchuk wiggles alone are used for dodging.

Because it's a free-roaming city game, you'll need to look around to get your bearings. That's done by holding the C button and tilting the nunchuk. Basic movement of Spidey happens via the analogue stick.

The core gameplay is about swinging around Manhattan and taking out the criminal gangs that have infested the city. To help in the good fight, Spider-Man can don a special black suit that grants him enhanced powers. The unfortunate side-effect is that it turns him slightly evil, and the more you take advantage of its superiority in combat, the more neglected the city will become. It's best saved for important boss fights - unless you like the idea of a bad Spider-Man stalking around a gloomy New York.

When you choose to advance the plot2 and follow the movie's storyline, there are interactive cutscenes that crop up all over the place. These call for specific motions with the controllers, with the idea behind them being that the game can more closely resemble the film while not relegating the player to a mere spectator during the most spectacular scenes.

So Spidey 3's almost here - and you'd better believe we're going to have turned Spidey irrevocably evil before the month is out.