Halo 3 Beta - Halo 2 Comparison Shots

Think it ain't all that pretty?

Think again.

Over at the Halo 3 Data Archive, frustrated forum member Drew has put together these handy comparison shots of Halo 2 and Halo 3 following the leaked Beta video of Zanzibar remake, 'Last Resort'.

It's worth taking note of the conditions surrounding these shots in order to make as fair a comparison as possible and to stamp out some of the negativity surrounding the quality of the leaked footage.

The Halo 2 shots are taken straight-from-component (exactly the same as the Halo 3 shots). They are uncompressed, and not deinterlaced.


They even have the the benefit of being uncompressed screen grabs straight from the source, whereas the Halo 3 images have been compressed substantially by the video capture.

Still not impressed?

Then remember this leaked video is taken from the beta build of the game in its unfinished state. This is not the same as what we'll all be playing come May 16th, which in effect is actually a delta build of the game and will include a great deal more graphical polish that will again see further improvements before the game ships later this year.

There's still some way to go yet, but by the looks of things already, Halo 3 will be as we've expected all along... beautacular!