Meet the Robinsons

Disney does Zelda, Monkey Ball and Lego Star Wars. And it works

This has style. The colourful crowd-pleasing imagination of Disney runs right through Meet The Robinsons, and from the moment you step into the invitingly bright toybox of a mansion1 (with an express train running through the living room), this has blue-skies videogame magic in spades.

And to play? Not bad at all. The developers have borrowed the cake mould that Ninty used to make Zelda - and they've managed to set the cooker to the right temperature and everything.

Hero Wilbur gets to beat up enemies, negotiate platforms and flick between futuro-versions of 'arrows' and 'hookshots' just like Link. Except the enemies are robot ants instead of orcs. It's slick and cleverly-done, and the game also shrewdly plunders from Monkey Ball (rollaround tracks), Lego Star Wars (breakable scenery) and even Splinter Cell (detecting footprints). We like.

But MTR hasn't been developed from the ground-up for Wii, and you can feel it. You lock on to robots with Z, but still have to aim with the remote - and then there's this odd 'alternate' C-activated targeting for long shots that keeps switching itself off, and then you control the camera at all times with the pointer.

The other problem is The Traditional Curse Of The Game Intended Primarily For Kids: repetition. You can't get a round of Pong-like minigame Chargeball without getting another three rounds afterwards. And one early boss battle actually jumps like a turntable, sending you back with a brief spurt of seemingly broken cutscene to do exactly the same switch-battering thing - three times.

But don't get us wrong. We've seen far, far worse than MTR. Cheery, nicely put together stuff.

The verdict

Love the movie? Hate the movie? Despite some clumsy controls and a tendency to keep throwing the same bits at you over and over (and over) again, this is recommended to all.

Nintendo Wii
Avalanche Software
Buena Vista Games