Manhunt 2

Preview: Mental, pen-stabbing carnage

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As it turns out the brothel is a fine playground to show off Manhunt 2's new environmental executions, which as the name suggests has you using the environment to send badguys towards a very bloody end.

Not wasting any time the death toll begins with the receptionist, who is easy work thanks to a carefully placed telephone, now smashed through his face with scattered pieces of flesh littered on the floor.

Another great use for these stupidly-gory kills is luring guards to an environmental kills spot - marked on the radar with an X - by smashing a light and waiting for them to foolishly investigate. Our favourite involved twatting the guard's head in with a toilet seat before he dropped limply into the bowl.


The environment is again much more detailed than in the original, with plenty of scenery littered around including the odd blow-up doll. Eventually we have to sneak past a couple of them "conducting business" to get ahold of a shotgun. But smashing the window it's hidden behind is undoubtedly going to spell bad news for us and the tooled-up henchmen standing in the hallway.

The solution? Timing our glass punches with the (Chewbacca-esque) groans of the busy couple. This theme of using the background noise to our advantage cropped up more than once in our demo.

Once you've got your hands on a firearm Manhunt 2 almost turns into a totally different game. Instead of hiding in the shadows and creeping towards your victims, you're legging around the place like a Quake marine who's ate too many sweeties, shotgunning baddies through tables.

Answering the cries of the series' fans Rockstar has also added execution kills for guns, which usually have you doing something like tapping the unfortunate victim on the shoulder and then blasting him in the face. Nice.

Manhunt 2 is looking more ambitious and finely-polished than the first game, and fans hoping for a deeper plot, gameplay twists and oh yes, violence that will make your nan's eyes bleed, will almost certainly be pleased.

Another game to hold on to your PS2 for.

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