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Deus Ex voted best PC game ever

Sci-Fi shooter tops PC Zone's '101 best games' list and Warren Spector gives a speech

The latest issue of PC Zone has named Deux Ex the best PC game of all time, topping the list of the magazine's 101 favourite PC games.

An intensely grateful Warren Spector, game designer, had plenty to say about the award. "First, let me say what an honour it is to have been associated with the development of Deus Ex - to see it named the 'best game ever' is pretty incredible," he began.

"Perhaps the most amazing thing was that the game got made at all," he said. "I first thought about a game like DX back in 1995, when I was still an Executive Producer at Origin, which was owned by EA," he revealed, "but I could never get the project off the ground at Origin or, later, at Looking Glass. (I think it was lack of interest at Origin/EA and it was mostly a lack of money at LG!)." We think that was a mistake, clearly.

The game eventually got underway at Ion Storm but it wasn't all plain sailing: "Down in Austin, we had a team of incredibly talented people, many of whom didn't get along at ALL," he explained.

But it came together in the end, and Spector finished up with gushing words of gratitude. "Thanks to PC Zone for recognizing Deus Ex as a great game, but my deepest thanks go to the team that made it possible."

So if you haven't played Deus Ex, pick up a copy now. You can snag pre-owned copies for pennies nowadays.

Read Spector's full winning speech over at PC Zone's website.