Look, it's the Spider-man 3 launch trailer!

"His powers have never been stronger", declares the trailer. Go Spidey, go!

The launch trailer for Spider-Man 3: The Videogame will have Spidey fans crawling up walls in excitement - look, there it is, running in our video player on the right.

Running for just over a minute and a half, it's wall-to-wall Spidey action with Black Suit Spider-Man on show along with plenty of confrontations with the superhero's arch enemies -Kingpin, Scorpion, The Green Goblin, Sandman, Venom... It's a long list that promises to make this the biggest Spider-Man game yet. Cross fingers it doesn't disappoint.

We'll find out exactly what Activision's achieved with the Spider-Man 3 game when it launches on May 4 (or May 18 on PS3). In the meantime you can read our recent preview for info.