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Canned Fallout tech demo online

No Mutants Allowed posts tech demo of Black Isle Studios' canned Van Buren - or Fallout 3

Fallout fansite No Mutants Allowed has posted a tech demo of Van Buren, Black Isle Studios' Fallout 3 project that was cancelled in late 2003.

Speaking about the contents of the tech demo, the fansite's explained, "Don't forget that this is a pre-alpha tech demo from 2003: the combat is pretty much unimplemented (sucky realtime only), the graphics are really basic."

It continues, "The file is a whopping 241 MB, but don't be disappointed that it doesn't offer a full night's worth of gameplay (though in true Fallout style, it offers a lot of different paths to victory)", adding that "the demo is very, very buggy" and that anyone who downloads it should "expect frequent crashes".

Along with a download link, the fansite is also providing a tech demo guide.

Development of Fallout 3 has of course now fallen into the hands of Bethesda, which is planning to release a first trailer in June.