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CVG Most Wanted: Wii

Feature: CVG salutes the best upcoming Wii titles

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NiGHTS: Journey into Dreams

Cult followers of the Saturn-derived classic went bonkers when Sega revealed a Wii version is on its way.

Sega has held the NiGHTS franchise as close to it's heart as the fans, and Yuji Naka once said that Sega would not make a new NiGHTS game until they were absolutely sure the time was right and they could live up to the Saturn game. The coming of Wii is the right time for Sega, and that's why we're excited about this.

Sega cannot afford to mess this one up, and free-roaming flight with the Wii Remote should be awesome. It's a shame Naka has nothing to do with it but we've still got high hopes.

Have you seen all these colourful screens?


Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Super Smash Bros. has never had the deepest fighting system or best graphics of any fighter, and it still restricts gameplay to a 2D plain. But Nintendo fans don't care - this all-star fighting game amalgamates the biggest parts of the Nintendo universe into one; the characters, the worlds and the music.

The GameCube game was HUGE and the Wii version is set to be even bigger, with new levels, moves, special items and new characters (including a guest appearance from Solid Snake). And with all the awesome mini game-missions that featured in the GameCube version, we're willing to bet our underwear that Brawl will have plenty of surprises in store too.

Keep a check on the Smash Bros. Brawl game page for more.


Disaster: Day of Crisis

Nintendo's keeping quiet on this one, and the only screenshot to have been released so far didn't really reveal anything either. Yet we're still dead excited about this because it has a unique premise upon which Monolith could potentially create a truly stunning action game.

You know the story, right? Several major natural disasters hit New York in a short space of time and all hell breaks loose in the city. You have to fight for survival in floods, earthquakes and landslides, while working to bust a gang of terrorists that have stolen a nuclear missile. Sounds awesome to us.

Check out that lonesome screen and more info here.


No More Heroes

As you can see from this list, this year's top Wii games are all about originality and No More Heroes, from the boys who made Killer 7, looks determined to lead the way for innovation.

It's got that unique shaded art style and characters that could only come from a Japanese developer. Not to mention the game's extreme violence and quirky laser weapons. If this can balance its psychological madness with unique, Wii Remote-powered gameplay we're looking at something even better than Killer 7.

The trailer, though, is undoubtedly awesome, so why not check it out.



EA sees Wii as the perfect opportunity to take its massively popular Sims series in a different direction. But MySims is not just a visual makeover for the series, it also packs some interesting and new gameplay mechanics.

We love the idea of being part of a town community, rather than focusing on one household, as was the case with previous Sims games. It sounds like a hybrid mix of Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing gameplay.

We're also intrigued with the prospect of using the Wii Remote to literally build furniture and buildings - it sounds awesome.

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