Halo 2 PC slips a week

Master Chief's second PC outing delayed by a week, according to retailers

Major UK videogames retailers are indicating that the release date of Halo 2 on PC has slipped slightly.

GAME, Virgin Megastore and HMV are all listing the game as a May 25 release. It was expected on May 18, to coincide with the launch of Games for Windows - Live on these shores.

We've contacted Microsoft for clarification and are awaiting a response.

Halo 2 on PC is a Vista-only title, and it features new maps, a map editor allowing you to create your own levels that you can share over Games for Windows - Live and achievements which were revealed in March.

But whether that new stuff's enough to entice to buy a game that came out on the original Xbox in November 2004... And you can only play it you have Vista. Will you be buying it? Let us know in the comments field below.