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'Remember Epic bragging about costing us $1 Billion?'

Microsoft and Gears of War studio bash heads again over pay-for download content

Microsoft's always-loud internet spokesman Larry 'Major Nelson' Hryb has gone on the defence regarding the recent pay-for Gears of War download.

Speaking on the Major Nelson podcast, MS co-host 'e' said: "Free's great, I know what people are saying. I do find this amusing though; a lot of people may not remember this but a year ago Epic was bragging about how they cost us one billion dollars."

In case you're none the wiser, the podcast comments are in reference to Epic's persuasion of Microsoft to include 512MB of RAM in the Xbox 360 hardware, which ended up costing MS an extra billion bucks-a-roos (we promise not to use that word again).

"I just find it amusing that on the one hand Epic are saying 'haha, we cost you a billion dollars!' and on the other hand they're saying 'well these should be free!'", the co-host said. "It's much easier when you're spending other peoples money."

The Gears Hidden Fronts map pack is on Xbox Live Marketplace, with four new multiplayer maps, now for 800 Microsoft points (£6.80).