Umbrella Chronicles to be two-player?

A CPU-controlled character follows the player, suggesting a multiplayer mode, says Official Nintendo Magazine

We're all hoping that Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles will be so much more than just another on-rails shooter, and the latest details in issue 17 of Official Nintendo Magazine UK gives us plenty of reasons to believe it going to be fantastic.

ONM points out that most of the game played in co-operation with another CPU-controller character, suggesting a two-player option in the final game.

Capcom, according to ONM, neither confirms nor denies the possibility of a two-player mode, but it would certainly need to be split-screen to retain the player's ability to move the camera around with the Nunchuk.


ONM also details some interesting nuggets on the controls. Highly destructible environments let you shoot out plates, chairs, candles, windows, drawers, clocks and more to reveal hidden items and guns. You then grab items by pointing at them and pressing A. Reloading is, oddly, done by shaking the Wii Remote.

Bigger guns don't only give you extra zombie-shredding power but also allow you to open up new paths, like shooting through wooden doors with the shotgun.

Playable characters include Chris, Jill, Carlos Oliveira, Rebecca Chambers, Billy Coen, Albert Wesker, Leon Kennedy and Clair Redfield. Different characters have their own special signature moves (like a roundhouse kick or a knife slash) that are activated by pointing at nearby enemies and pressing A.

You can read the full eight-page preview - which is part of a colossal 16-page Resident Evil feature - in issue 17 of the Official Nintendo Magazine UK, on sale May 11 for £3.99. Look out for the Resident Evil cover, pictured on the right.