PGR4: First gorgeous images

Project Gotham sprays up the puddles in first batch of 360 screens

They've been doing the rounds in Middle-earth (or magazine land) for a while now but finally the first Project Gotham Racing 4 images have made their way on to the internet, and consequently into the fancy CVG screenshot viewer.

As you can see from the screenshots the big feature in PGR4 is the gorgeous weather effects, with water that beads realistically on the paintjobs, sprays from the tires and causes madness in the in-car view.

Also promised for the fourth installment are over 200 racetracks from ten different locations and a broader set of vehicles, ranging from the vintage'63 Corvette Sting Ray all the way to the slick Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano.


According to magazine reports we might have to wait until next year before PGR4 races in to the shops, but in the meantime you can always make do with Forza 2 which lands on Xbox 360 next month. Read our recent hands-on with that here.