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This could be the most visceral game yet seen on a console! Interestingly, these characters will do everything us real people do, including smoking, sitting on benches, and reading books and papers. It's clear from the snippets released by Rockstar that GTA IV will be a more vibrant city, bursting with life.

33. Liberty Tree
The city's premier paper is returning in GTA IV and that may mean a number of things. Firstly, the crime lords of the city are going to take offence at what's being written about them and will, no doubt, plot some form of revenge on the hapless hack responsible - so you'll be firebombing those offices seen in the trailer.

Secondly, perhaps you'll get the chance to work for the rag - ditching your criminal career to prove the pen is mightier than the sword, living out your Clark Kent fantasies knee-deep in the sleaze of GTA's newest metropolis.
Don't forget to visit in the coming months either. After the release of GTA III, this site began to publish live news articles on events occurring in the city.


34. sixaxis control
We've been able to fly in GTA since Vice City and San Andreas introduced jet planes, so what can GTA IV offer? Well, us PS3 owners should have the unique opportunity to fly our Learjets using the Sixaxis controller. Tilting our way through the skyscrapers of Liberty City should be a huge leap forward for the series. Problem is, Rockstar has stated there won't be any jet planes in GTA IV. This doesn't mean we shouldn't dismiss the idea of flight altogether; helicopters will surely make it into the new game.

35. Rail network
One of the most stunning sequences in the GTA IV trailer was the railway station montage. Clearly modelled on New York's art deco classic, Grand Central Station, these scenes demonstrate the RAGE engine's ability to diffuse light and deliver a smoky atmosphere, as sunlight streamed through the stained-glass dome and steam and smoke floated over the platforms. As regards gameplay, this clearly means that the railway system in place for GTA III will be ramped up, creating a broader network between districts and, who knows, perhaps out into the forests beyond the city.

36. Going Underground
There were underground stations in GTA III, but these were largely cosmetic as tracks and trains didn't connect in a real way, but rather formed portals to move between zones. On PS3 we should expect a fully operational underground system, complete with stations, trains that never run on time and communities of tramps living below the city, feasting on rats.

37. Taxi
Danny DeVito reprises his role as the repugnant taxi firm boss Louis from TV's Taxi - and all is well in the world of GTA. Seriously, the new-look Liberty City is the perfect setting to develop the taxi missions of past episodes. The trailer shows a bustling, vibrant city with most of its inhabitants all busy going somewhere. This city could be the best we've seen in a videogame, and in this way, taxi missions may form a fundamental part of getting around. It all fits too, when you take into account Niko's brother Roman owns a taxi firm.


38. Moonlighting
Walk the thin blue line between cop and robber as a Private Eye in the big city. Set up an office with a slutty secretary, then wait for the jobs to roll in. Rockstar's GTA world could have lots of fun with a series of PI side stories. Let's not forget either that Rockstar has just such a game in development at Team Bondi - LA Noir would gift Rockstar North with plenty of tech advice on how to develop spying moves for a GTA detective character.

39. GTA Connections
Rockstar has a real knack for re-using technology developed in other games.

MANHUNT 2: This sequel to 2003's stealth game should offer plenty of new ways to behave in Liberty City. We'll have greater freedom to interact with the game in more realistic ways - like smashing lights to darken rooms. Can we expect cat burglar missions too?

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