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THE WARRIORS: This game has features that would work well in GTA IV. Not only are the combat controls an improvement over those in the GTA series, but the gang command system would perfectly suit the world of Liberty City.

40. Seinfeld Signs Up
The biggest show to come out of New York since Chicago would sit wonderfully in a GTA take on the Big Apple. Perhaps GTA IV will feature a bunch of misfits that continuously pop in and out of your story, screwing up your missions. What has Jerry Seinfeld done since 1998?

41. Off Broadway
What better way to hide some cash and massage the books than ploughing a stash of dodgy money through a Broadway musical? Let's hope we'll be able to put on a show and see our stars in action. Or perhaps escort Robert Downey Jr to the stage? Or even kill Robert Downey Jr. Whatever Rockstar chooses to do, you can bet it'll be cool.


42. PSP connectivity
A unique feature must surely be connectivity between PS3 and PSP. Rockstar has revealed there will be new ways to connect to the GTA IV world, using a cellphone, PDA and email, for example. If we can view the city map on our PSP, using it as a virtual PDA, then the world of GTA IV will be a seamless one. More interestingly, it would be great to receive phone calls and emails direct to your PSP rather than on screen.

Perhaps you could even receive emails via Wi-Fi and keep playing when you're on the train? Also, Rockstar recently announced the violent-sounding Beaterator for PSP. This music-sequencing game enables you to sample and mix beats, then replay them to friends and even Wi-Fi them to other PSPs. It would be great if we could mix tunes in Beaterator and take them to a Liberty City club to party the punters.

43. PS3 Vs Xbox 360
The PS3 hard drive and CPU should deliver a smoother GTA IV than on Xbox 360, not least because of texture streaming. Less loading, more detail and a vibrant colour palette should make PS3 GTA IV stand head and shoulders above the Xbox 360 version. But what about the Xbox 360's exclusive episodic content? Well, chances are, the PS3 will have similar downloads at some point in the future. If not, we should have PSP connectivity and multiplayer to look forward too. In your face, Microsoft!

44. New physics
The movement of your character Niko will no longer be determined by pre-created animations but by real-time physics instead. When Niko moves over different terrain the RAGE engine will calculate where his feet should fall and how his body weight will be affected - and the result should be the most realistic GTA game yet, with a real sense of weight to every move you make in the game world. This, coupled with destructible environments and cars, will ensure that the shootouts in GTA IV are bound to be incredibly exciting.


45. Times Square Shopping
The past three GTAs on PS2 have all featured shopping malls in some form, but on PS3 we should expect something bigger. The San Andreas customisation should return, and this time offer limitless opportunities to dress like a pimp and strut your funky stuff, or whatever floats your fashion boat.

Of course, we should expect the classic brands to return, including Burger Shot and Cluckin' Bell to build up the bulk. And who would begrudge a newcomer to the city a spree through the shelves of Ammu-Nation to pick up an Uzi 9mm? We're off to watch Zoolander on loop until October 16 to snatch some fashion tips.

46. Team Play
San Andreas packed in a simple basketball sim, so why shouldn't GTA IV manage a series of sports? How about finally seeing what the Liberty City Cocks and Beavers soccer teams play like? Can we take our Cock and Beaver skills online? We hope so. What's clear is that Rockstar is committed to a massively multiplayer online experience.

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